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Another year

October 2nd, 2015 1 comment

is now in the past. This birthday is different only in that it marks a turning point in those basic interactions with the government which most of us want to avoid. Part A & B of Medicare come to mind.  In the same way, I’m hoping to avoid a fuss and absolutely detest public recognition or embarrassment. Specifically singing waiters and other assorted displays.  Obviously, I am speaking to dinner possibilities this evening.

I don’t have any particularly brilliant thoughts to share. It has been a good year, an interesting year in which I have been fortunate enough to travel to areas of the world new to me as well as revisit places I enjoy. I have made new friends as well as maintained contact with those I have known for years.

There have been other milestones – probably the most significant (besides that pesky Medicare Part A & B) is renewing my medical license for the 40th time.  I guess that balances managing to lose both a jacket and a phone on the same trip.  Photo courtesy of one of my fellow traveler’s and probably the location of the escaped phone.

Godafoss - Iceland

Godafoss – Iceland

Thank you all for the well wishes on this, my 65th birthday. This coming year should be interesting complete with family, travel and a number of professional meetings. We will be closing out the house in Heidelberg, seeing the Eldest move into her own home later this fall, the College Guy transfer, Ms Chicago return to school and Ms Maus take on NYC.  I’ll be on land a bit more, on ships a bit less and following the example of my good friend Carmen – start to make serious decisions on all that “stuff” I have been hauling around for years.

OTOH – I can finally set up my Playmobile trains, the weather in Berkeley is pretty decent…..  Garden Gauge thank you very much……



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Muir Woods

February 18th, 2015 Comments off

Drive up 580. Cross the Richmond Bridge (past the refineries that were voted closed by the city council last night due to safety reasons). South on 101, out California #1 and through switchbacks, double backs and really hairy hair pins just in time to get one of the few remaining parking slots at Muir Woods National Monument.

After a stop at Muir Beach, Bluebird Yarns (Sausalito) and the North Face Outlet we returned back to the house.

You have the photos of the best part.

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Of course their plane was early

October 7th, 2014 Comments off

I meant to check the arrival for DL14 from Atlanta last evening. Oh, wait! I did check it, and it said it was on time. Due to arrive 0740. So when my alarm went off at 0600 you would think I had a lot of time. Pick up friends at the airport? Easy-Peasy.

Then I reloaded the webpage. Flight now due in at 0650. Doesn’t compute. Even given that it normally takes 40-60 minutes to hike from the far end of nowhere, get one’s passport stamped, tramp to the baggage carousel, wait for luggage. Wait for luggage some more prior to man-handling it off the belt and escaping to arrivals Hall D.

So, let’s say that if I leave right now (which I did) I should just about make the drive, park the car and be there about 0745 (right when that plane should have landed).

I didn’t know about the construction involving the access ramps onto A6 from B656. By the time I was hung in traffic 2 km short of the Autobahn it was a bit late to change my mind. We also will ignore all the insane sludging and slow downs that occurred for no apparent reason. (Dominos falling anyone?). And the back up involving all four northbound lanes of A5 (don’t ask – A6 seems to vanish and become A67 which goes to Wiesbaden at the juncture of A5 & A6) which lead to still more delays.

Terminal 2 – I can find Terminal 2, where it would have been nice to be able to easily find parking rather than having to jam my car into the only remaining place on the entire deck. Right next to the guy who didn’t manage to stay within the lines. I might not color within the lines – but parking in someone else’s space is just rude.

Dashing into the Terminal and beating feet upstairs, Clint & Zandra weren’t in Arrivals D. They weren’t in Arrivals E either. On my third pass from one side to the other I spotted them. Easy? (grin) Two very American looking people with backpacks and a couple of large suitcases complete with yellow Cruise Critic Straps.

Trip home was a picnic after that.

I only get to keep them till Friday. Tomorrow we will tour a bit of Heidelberg, Thurs a look around Speyer.

Would you believe that I even cooked dinner?

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September 8th, 2014 Comments off

After a week of wandering around on ship without any obligations to anyone I thought to behave myself. After all, I had dinner last night at Chops with Klaus & Ilona who I first met last fall on that little jaunt across the Pacific and around Australia. In the lounge earlier in the evening were a whole table of those with fancy name tags with whom I have met on previous crossings.

So it was that I took myself up to the Solarium before 0900 to stake out an area and have a munch since I was already there. Neither are actually all that much of a hardship. I am an early riser, a couple of lattes were already history. Besides, the kiwi yogurt parfaits are lovely.

Rather than 9-11, this gathering turned into an all day happy chat. Two of those wanting to learn brought yarn, needles and husbands. The other serious crafter in the group brought not only here knitting but also hand piecing, lots of pictures and her husband. The guys were fine even though they denied any interest in participating in our end of the table. I had forgotten to post on the Community Bulletin Board but crafters seem to be able to find each other anyway.

Since I had such a good start to the day, I managed a trip to the gym and a limited supper in the CL. The Aussie with whom I chatted reminds me of my British exercise companion from the Grandeur & Liberty. Nothing like being 87, still reasonably mobile and off for a bit of travel. Then just before heading back to my lovely cabin (balcony, spacious and as far aft as was possible) I turned a short hello to Art & Julie into an hour + conversation. We connected on the Infinity this winter, so they had missed most of my whines concerning George’s house in Berkeley.

Sitting on my balcony watching the moon hanging not quite full in the sky I really appreciate the changes in my life, especially the last year. I love the travel, the time to learn about new subjects, and mostly all the fascinating people. Obviously I don’t miss cranking patients through an exam room, but that wasn’t my role (except sometimes on deployments) for the last two decades in the Army anyway.

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Taking a break

August 2nd, 2014 2 comments

Well, sort of. Maybe. Mostly managing three websites, sorting email, downloading files and spending the late afternoon at red*.  There were 8 of us, mostly regulars with a brand new person added. It was the usual conversation: Wollmiese vs Madelyn Tosh and what do you do with 60 kg of sugar.

No, I am not kidding about the sugar. One of our members words at Sudzucker. Apparently there is “distribute free sugar & recipes to employees” on a regular basis and she brought a few kilos to share with the rest of us. A couple members of the group are in the middle of putting up preserves and were more than happy to take bags and boxes of sugar. Me? I just like to add it to my coffee and would rather have brown crystals than white regular sugar.
So mostly I started on a new project and just listened to the conversations.
five fiddly points around the center point

five fiddly points around the center point


the yarn is crazy zauberball and the dps are 2.25

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April 23rd, 2014 Comments off

I have been here a few times before. Since it is raining, I am glad I decided not to head to Fire Lake or any of the other high elevation locations. All are beautiful but not exactly highly visible with rain and fog.

So instead – no surprise – I am catching up on courses, the internet and a few friends journals.

Two friends aka Purple and Carnivore are out hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Their journal is here. They started last year but hit a snag (broken foot) about 500 or so miles in. As a result, they are once again attempting a through hike. 2012 – they did the Appalachian Trail from start to finish.

And then there is Cat of Australian fame who writes clearly on various Australian topics. I don’t know anyone who can more swiftly and accurately skewer a stupid opinion without drawing blood.

Murr provides a lovely combination of essay interspersed with photos. Her ability to both circle back to the beginning at the point at which you knew she was headed over the edge is only exceeded by her ability to hit with a twist.

And then there is Alison who can find joy and hope in the smallest things.

Take a short detour, you won’t be sorry.  (and, even more impressive – not a word of ships or cruising in any of it!)

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Palo Alto

July 28th, 2011 2 comments

Is home to a lot of high tech and intellectual people. There are start ups galore (which is why we made the trip south) and it was on the reason for heading to SF in the first place.

Unfortunately for me – Purlescense is moving this week. Makes the fourth time in the Bay area since 2007 and I still haven’t managed to get there.

After attending two meetings in the morning I had a planned detour while the DH attended a luncheon meeting.

Palo Alto is home to Alison. We were able to get together the last time I was here – but that was a long time ago meaning it was before I deployed putting it somewhere in the 2010 early time frame. She was kind enough to let me drop into her home which meant we had a lovely few hours just sitting and knitting (except for a detour into a wonderful goat cheese with blueberries that melted in the mouth).

With regret I had to leave to make a 1600 meeting. It was one in which I have a lot of interest and I can’t wait till this fall when the App gets released so that I can play a lot and recommend it to everyone (this is in the Medical education and communication arena – not knitting but still).

Ending the evening with a great dinner at PJ Changs (they have vegetarian and vegan solutions, they have a gluten free menus and most importantly great, educated service), we rolled back to Berkeley well after dark. And well too late to knit in the car.

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