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or – How to Survive CRC as a Health Care Provider without completely losing it.

CRC= Conus Replacement Center. Located in the back end of beyond at Ft Benning, It is the location that the Army has designated as the one week processing location for all personnel deploying (active duty, reserve, guard, civilian, contractors) as individuals into the overseas theaters. Translated it means that if orders say you are proceeding on your own to OEF, OIF, Gitmo, Kosovo, MFO, Germany, you name it – you are going to have to go through here.

The cycle starts on Saturday morning. HCP can sign in as late as noon on Monday and still make it, but I would not recommend it. If you don’t travel on Shabbos – try and get in as early on Sunday as possible. You do NOT want to get held over a week.

At Home station. Go to the Ft Benning website. Click through to CRC. Follow the links for the mandatory training. Make sure that you print and bring along your certificates. If you don’t have them in hand, you will get to do them over. Look up does not happen. This includes the PRO-file. Take it seriously and remember what you posted.

Travel: Nearest Airport is Columbus Georgia. You could also drive from Atlanta or anywhere else. There is a free shuttle from the Columbus Airport. A Blue bird, it takes forever but it is free.

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