British Royal Military Tattoo 2008

A 2008 British Royal Military Tattoo was held at Windsor Castle. The pre-performance, open to members of the military was 7 May 2008. Despite a bit of disorganization, and confusion in the timing and production of several segments, it was well worth attending.

These thumbnails all lead to larger pictures. You will see an arrow pair in the upper right hand corner of the post. That will expand the post, effectively shrinking away the sidebars. Makes it easier to see the pix.

Taken primarily with a telephoto lens on my Cannon EOS without flash, I won’t claim that most of them qualify as excellent photography. But they are untouched except for cropping in a few cases. I just couldn’t see leaving in the pros who were blocking my shots when avoidable.

The notes are brief, and I uploaded them in order taken. That is not to say that WordPress is not going to reorganize my galley, but I tried.

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