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There is a hole in the …

February 5th, 2010 3 comments

It was months ago when I discovered the leak staining the ceiling of the utility room. It took a few months more before I was finally able to convince Modern Housing that I needed someone to look at the mess, then repair it.

After four reschedules do to bad weather and their lousy scheduling, the plumber showed up this morning. Ready (are you ready for this?) to replace the float.

I kid you not. I showed him the problem, he remembered the issue from when he had come out to shut the water off. He called in and argued with the people for fifteen minutes before they finally agreed that, yes, he should take out the toilet, just like the surveyor asked.

We have no clue about the float – I have called five times about the mistake. I keep being told they will fix it. Never mind, do not underestimate the ability of a bureaucracy to perpetuate an error.

finally - bare boards

leaving the throne on its own outside since I vetoed it resting next to the tub..

behind the house

The joiners arrived just before 1400. Their work order said (and I quote)

replace a floor board

They looked, pulled up the linoleum and two hours later were here –

not just "a" floor board

Obviously it was too late for them to finish. Having it open to dry out for a few days is also a good idea. Perhaps the three sorts of molds and fungus which had been gracing the floor and air will not be happy.

They will be back Tuesday week.

I think knitting is much better for me than worrying about the next disaster

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Do Overs

February 4th, 2010 2 comments

Knitting is fun, knitting is great. Unlike life,  Knitting gives you do-overs.

About five of them so far today. Same project, third yarn, second set of needles. Not counting a change on the way I am doing the edges.

Then, I took a good look at my yarn and changed pattern which was perfectly fine since the stitch count a few rows in matched a couple of other lovely choices in, Wrapped in Comfort.  You know Alison, right?  SpinDyeKnit Alison?

Any way – now headed to BigFoot

a few rows, more than a few stitches


Borrowed Season 1 of Monk from the library.


The Mole is back at school in Rochester for the duration of the week and all of next while I am out of country. He is not thrilled, but looks to have it under control for the moment. Meanwhile, he has started to study US History and US Government on his own since the GED exam is one option out of the current stalemate. If anyone knows what their local High School is specifically using for 11-12th Grade textbooks, I would really appreciate recommendations.

I counted it up: grades 1-2 in Wuerzburg, 3-4 in Muenchen, 5 (three schools in Heidelberg with the last also being the location for grades 6-8). 9-10 in Stuttgart. 11 in DSL with a switch to Rochester mid year, last.

Makes it 8 schools for 13 years of education (yes, it adds up. grade 5 x 2). Not exactly continuity of education.

Week at a time, I guess.

Ms Soprano went to 7 different schools and Ms Maus only 5.

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February 3rd, 2010 2 comments

Mostly pictures – few words, just to catch you up to date on the other Lotus Blossom I knit in CA.

Lotus Blossom in Scarlet


looking better

looking better

Scarlet Lotus Blossom detail

Scarlet Lotus Blossom detail

and while I was at it – I took another shawl – Twinings that had been languishing since the end of August


almost 2 meters Blocked

close up

close up detail


and it really looks lovely drapped

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Pressing on

July 17th, 2008 1 comment

If you are on a self-hosted blog, WordPress just released version 2.6. I had been using one of the test trunks for a while and really like the new short cut feature that puts the categories back where I want them on the write page. If I can just get my sidebar unscrewed, I will be a completely happy camper.

When I decided that the sidebars were taking up too much of the page and went back to a single one, some of the widget fields got locked and the save button decided to not work anymore. Go figure, it didn’t go away with the update. If you were wondering why I had so much stuff down at the bottom, you now have your answer.

Also in that vein – I am headed to Birmingham tomorrow for WordCampUK. Maybe one of the smart coders there can help me figure it out

Candle Flame Scarf

This is where I am with seven repeats and and maybe 10 meters of yarn remaining.

Completed two halves

Completed two halves

the catch is, I am not quite sure that I don’t like the reverse side better than what is supposed to be the right side.

Reverse Side Flames

Reverse Side Flames

the proper front side on top

the proper front side on top

UFO Update

I went ahead and unraveled the seed stitch from the sides of the Sakiori Vest.

edging unraveled

edging unraveled

There isn’t enough yarn to do complete it. Of course, once I had frogged both sides I could take a good look at the yarn. I think I just might have a couple more knurls of the source roving hiding in an upper cupboard in Germany. Since I will be back home one night next weekend, rather than look for an alternative maybe I will just be able to spin some more. The vest really doesn’t work without the underarm panels and I don’t have enough on hand to even finish the neck, let alone the sides.

I have only 16 rows to go on the back of the Walk-in-the-Woods. There is obviously enough of the reds to finish, but I am rapidly running out of gray yarn. Hopefully I have some more tucked away some where, otherwise, I am going to have to frog the completed front in order for the two to match. Ugh.

Back almost completed

Back almost completed


Double Share – completed. Very satisfactory ending. Now to load the rest of 7th Son (books 1 & 2) onto the MP3 player for my trip.


July 14th, 2008 Comments off

On a Monday, I might be able to talk about all the work I had accomplished over the weekend.

That is if I had really accomplished anything. My husband apparently survived turning 60 and now just has to get through a major birthday bash being held on the 19th.

I still have to finish up an exam, two presentations and a number of emails. So, shall we just skip all of that and move onto a decent loaf of bread?

Tomato Chutney Herb Bread

Tomato Chutney Herb Bread

the beads on the shawl?

Blocking shows the pattern nicely

Blocking shows the pattern nicely

and a glint of silver beads on the edge

and a glint of silver beads on the edge

and my sudden realization that the Candle Flame Scarf was directional? Now why would this be a surprise? Candle flames burn up. If I knit the shawl in one piece, then one end has the flames going down. I thought about it. I thought about how it would look, and I didn’t like it at all.

Stopping with five repeats done on one side, I cast on a new starting edge and proceeded with my plan to knit both halves from the bottom up and graft them together in the middle. Leaving aside the wonderful challenge of knitting from both the inside and the outside of the ball – I comforted myself


with the next five episodes of Double Share from the Solar Clipper Universe.

Books &

And also read Shaman’s Crossing by Robin Hobb, borrowed from the library. I originally read a number of novels by her years ago when she was writing under the name Megan Lindholm. Her 1986 novel – Wizard of the Pigeons – is a most excellent urban fantasy. If you want to find a copy, I strongly recommend looking at the UK stores, much cheaper than the US booksellers.

three pattern repeats

June 24th, 2008 4 comments

I managed three pattern repeats on the Hyacinth today. That is an increase of 60 stitches per row just today and I still have somewhere from 4-6 repeats (each 10 rows long) to go. I still want to find a shawl that is all decreases instead of increases. Then each row would feel like it was going faster rather than taking ever longer.

And I have to decide which of the UFOs I should tackle next.

It won’t be tomorrow – I am off to Gosport to a meeting. We are meeting up at 0600 in order to be there at 0800. I don’t have to drive, and perhaps I could even sleep. What I do know about this arrangement is that it gets me out of staying for the formal dinner as the four I am riding with are sensibly interested in getting back to Camberley to get some sleep before we turn around and do it again tomorrow.

Perhaps I can take pictures from the car window? Nah – I am not bringing a camera, it is not that kind of meeting.

Books et all

Listened to the first 15 episodes of Discovered Country by Nora Fleischer. It seems to be a time traveler/post holocaust type story and I still haven’t gotten the point so I switched to Mur Lafferty’s Playing for Keeps.

In hardcover, I just finished the latest Sookie Stackhouse.

Of this, of course, was between getting some work done and cruising other people’s blogs.

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Organic Mowers

June 22nd, 2008 2 comments

Not wishing to wait for the promised sometime next week we will come and mow, I borrowed an organic horse powered lawn mower from another person who lives on post.

Truly horse powered.

The lawnmower

If you can’t see him clearly, perhaps this will help?


Otter was supposed to come with a buddy. Said buddy had an injured hoof and won’t be along for a couple of days. Never the less, this one horse made a valiant effort to eat down as much grass as he could chew. That thing on his head is a mesh fly protector. He can see out, and it is insect repellent impregnated. Not a bad idea.

I expect to see him back over the next several days. The post engineer says that they will come with a mower and really take care of the grass. That I will believe when it happens.


The Forget-me-not is complete.
I like the pattern and I even managed to add some beads to the edge. I don’t have tiny crochet hooks. But with the miracle of floss threaders – I was all set!
Forget me not PatternForget me not PatternWorking on the points.

Now I just have to get it blocked (and one section repaired. Nothing like finding out you have dropped a stitch back a few rows after the binding off is completed).


Ok, this is how much yarn I had left after completing Tubey. Now I really need to do something with it. But at least it does not count as a UFO.


Moving on – I started Geek Fu Master by Mur Lafferty but didn’t get through more than a few episodes. Being one of the old geeks (it takes more than having done some web page design and RPG authoring to qualify as a geek in my book), I found her humourus in her observations of life. A bit too Gen-X for my taste, but I think she would appeal better to the 30s crowd than this late 50s geek for 40+ years…..

In case you are wondering why I seem to be breaking the cardinal rule of “if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all” it is because I know that what does not appeal to me may well resonate with one of your. And if you don’t haunt weird places like the Balticon Podcasts, you just might miss these.



June 19th, 2008 Comments off

It has been a long time since I muttered around about spinning. And normally I go no where near fleece, washing fleece or processing from the beginning.

But lately, as the price of roving seems to have sky rocketed to the point where painted and dyed roving is more expensive than commercial yarn, I have been reconsidering. I don’t begrudge the Indies for wanting to make money, but when I am looking for sweater/vest amounts of yarn it starts becoming a bit dear.

Please also remember that I am now living in wool country. There may not be as many sheep here as in the UK, but some of the rural areas seem pretty close. One of those areas is the Shetland Isles. You have heard of Jamiesons, right?

As essentially the processor on the Shetland Isles, fleece is available for less than half the price of roving. In turn this seems to be about half the price of yarns (which can be purchased on cones). I liked the price on the fleece, especially since all grades are the same price. Shetland fleece are small, so buying by x number of fleece or I want y kilos are both possibilities.

My fleece appeared at the back door yesterday.

The magic box

Opening it
inside the box

I found this sturdy plastic bag containing neatly rolled fleece in exactly the colours I had requested.
Fleece in the bag

Each fleece was already decently skirted. The rain in the Isles must contribute to the cleanliness as these were nowhere near as dirty as I expected.
One of the grey fleeceA bit of the white

I think I am going to plan either this weekend or one in July as fleece washing.


Doesn’t look bad blocked at all
Diamond Fantasy Shawl, blocked

And I have taken a skein of J-Knits in colourway Maryland
Marylandwound in a ball

and am going to test drive Forget-me-Not by Evelyn Clark as a possibility for the Eldest. The colours are something that would appeal to the Maus (Ms Copper by any other name) so I know I will have a taker when it is complete).


Half Share – Nathan Lowell.

Both my headache and meds have finally worn off, just in time to crash.